Bowflex Treadclimber Review

When you want to experience a good cardio workout which combines the benefits of multiple exercise machines, you should consider investing in a treadclimber model from Bowflex. Bowflex Inc is a US based company which has come out with some effective and affordable exercise machines that can help you experience low-impact cardio training which accelerates your calorie-burning and fat-burning capacity. These models are ergonomically designed and take up nominal space at home which makes them convenient for your home gym. They are equipped with LCD screens and dual treadles that make them safe for use. Most importantly, being low-impact workouts, you are not likely to injure your knees, back muscles or ankles by using these exercise equipments. The manufacturers are completely confident that you will be able to lose weight successfully and these will help you gain more stamina and endurance. All the models are built in steel frames which make them extremely stable and sturdy, designed to hold nearly 300 pounds. They are easy-to-use and will never cause stress on the joints.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC20: This Bowflex treadclimber model offers a smart workout routine through 3 landmark and 5 standard workouts. The workouts are low in impact and you are not likely to hurt your joints and back. The model comes with a well-lit LCD screen where you can view the speed, distance, calories, heart rate and time. This machine can be used by two users who can simultaneously maintain their individual profiles and monitor their separate workout progress. The users can also customize the workout settings and set fitness targets. The features include a Quick Start feature, a wireless heart monitor, an ergonomic console, long treadles for support and safety, transport wheels for better mobility and weight loss plans.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC10: The Bowflex TC10 comes with a LCD display which is easy to read and track. The G.O. Coach feature is handy because it lets you keep a check on your weekly fitness progress. This model is also equipped with a Quick Start feature for the user’s convenience, an accessory tray to have an easy access to magazines and water bottles, transport wheels and body weight loss programs.

Bowflex TC5: This is the most cost-effective amongst the Bowflex treadclimber models. You can use this model easily, regardless of whether you are an amateur or a seasoned athlete. This machine offers many features to help you maximize your workout efficiency. You can enjoy the benefits of low-impact workouts that will not hurt your joints like knees and ankles unlike other gym equipments. The extra-long treadles on both sides offer better support and cushioning. Being non-motorized, this model works silently. It is the beginner’s incline trainer and a great option for people wishing for a comprehensive treadclimber workout for a reasonable price. The ergonomic console helps you monitor the time, calories burned, speed and distance. It is also lightweight compared to the Bowflex TC10 and Bowflex TC20. The design is compact and the machine takes up little space at home.

This review of each of these afore-mentioned models can help you decide on the best treadclimber model for your home. These machines have been designed to guarantee low-impact cardio workouts which can help you burn more calories. They can be used daily because they do not cause a lot of exercise-related fatigue. Another great reason for buying Bowflex treadclimbers is that these come with a unique money-back guarantee. This allows buyers to return the products if they are not happy with the results and claim a full refund.

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